Sleep Training My Baby part 1

As new parents very few of us are blessed with what Tracy Hogg calls “Angel Babies” or “Textbook babies”. If you are anything like me you read every kind of baby book you could get your hands on. I can’t remember how many books I read while I was pregnant, and now that my baby is here I am too tired to remember much of what I read.

I spent my first few days getting to know my baby and trying to see if I had an “Angel Baby” or a “Textbook Baby”, only to realize my baby fit in none of the baby categories. Like many new parents I now find myself in desperate need of sleep, and not sure what to try or what not to try.

I invite you to join me while I attempt to get my baby sleeping through the night, with help from a Sleep Consultant, and also every baby sleep product out there. From Sleepsacks to sound machines. All in order for you and your baby to DreamSafe.





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